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A Note from the Founder:

I believe that not only do ALL children deserve an education, they deserve a high-quality education.

While there are many organizations that provide scholarships to children, many times these students end up in a government run school in the developing world. This can mean an establishment where teachers are underpaid, systems are corrupt, space is limited and resources are outdated. Furthermore, when they graduate from High School, they are in a country that has no jobs to offer them.

I launched this non-profit scholarship program to crowd-source funds in order to further support the Hiptipico artisan families I work with in Guatemala. I wanted to send their children to a school equivalent to where I would want to send my own children.

At an international private school Milpa scholarship recipients will be learning all of the major subjects in English plus maintaining their heritage with Spanish and Kaqchikel classes. Students receive instruction from highly qualified teachers from the United States who have their Master’s and are experts in their fields. Each teacher is trained to be culturally sensitive and is given an extensive curriculum that embraces local knowledge. These global educators are dedicated to making a difference and providing a world-class education to students in developing countries. When students graduate from this internationally accredited academy they will have the opportunity to work with a school counselor and apply for large scholarships and study at any University they choose, whether it is in country or abroad.

Milpa scholarship students will also have all the necessary skills to enhance their family’s traditional business and do what I am currently doing. Being able to read, write and use a computer, especially in English at international standards, will empower these families to increase their small businesses. Having a son or daughter that can help calculate budgets, costs and appropriate wages can be that difference and provide more food on the table.

Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world. Let’s make sure its the highest quality.

Con Cariño,

Alyssa McGarry

FounderMilpa | OwnerHiptipico

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