Milpa was created as a non-profit sector of the socially conscious fashion brand Hiptipico.

Milpa is what rural Guatemalans refer to as the corn still growing on the stalk. In the Maya culture, corn is the staple crop that not only represents the majority of the rural persons diet, but also the spiritual guidance used since ancient times. Just like a child, Maya communities nurture, protect and support their milpa in order to envision a better future. The corns’ progression ultimately determines a community’s wellbeing.

The Milpa Scholarship Program uses the same spiritual idea and applies it to Hiptipico’s artisan children. Milpa provides an avenue for Mayan children to study in the best conditions possible to cultivate their potential. The Milpa Scholarship Program funds students to attend international private schools in Guatemala.

Milpa combines the Maya culture with the highest global education standards.

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