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Origin: Barrio Jucanya, Panajachel, Guatemala

Ethnicity: Maya Kaqchikel

Enrollment Date: November, 2014

Vivian is currently enrolled in public middle school in Panajachel, Guatemala. Extremely gifted, she volunteers regularly at an organization called Naturopathic Medicine For Global Health (NMGH) whose mission is to provide sustainable healthcare and humanitarian assistance in developing countries. This non-profit has expressed how much Vivian naturally excels in this field and is a valuable young asset to the organization. Vivian’s mother is a beloved employee of  NMGH and has mentored her daughter in the global medical field. Attending multiple seminars, training sessions and assisting with North American visiting doctors, Vivian has learned very quickly.

The public school she attends is overcrowded and lacks many resources. By attending an international English-language institution Vivian will be able to reach her full potential and continue on her path to becoming a medical professional. Receiving a high-quality education and being able to speak English will help her achieve her biggest dreams.

Vivian is an official NMGH partner.


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